48"X50YARDS R8212W Flexible Engineer Grade REFLECTIVE VINYL (NIKKALITE)

RReflective Reflective Reflective Graphic Graphic Graphic Sheet Nikkalite Nikkalite Nikkalite R8512GI
Solvent inkjet printing media, Flexible enclosed lens retroreflective sheeting with air bubble free performance.
Physical Characteristics
Color : White Surface material : Acrylic resin
Size : 1220mm×45.7m (48”×50yd) Adhesive : Pressure sensitive (PS)
Thickness : 140–160μm (without liner) Minimum Coefficient of retroreflection : ASTM D4956 Type Ⅰ
Paper core : 3 inch (inside diameter) Accelerated artificial weathering : Table 1 & Graph 1
Durability : 7 years (coefficient of retroreflection & color for ASTM D4956 Type Ⅰ)
Table 1 Coefficient of retroreflection after accelerated artificial weathering test

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