GENERAL FORMULATION 54"x100 FEET 229HTR 6.0 mil - Matte White Embossed Canvas Wall Vinyl

GF 229HTR is a 6.0 mil matte white semi-rigid calendared vinyl film embossed with a canvas pattern. GF 229HTR has a unique and innovative pressure sensitive adhesive that is specially formulated to be both high-tack and removable (HTR). The combina-tion of vinyl and adhesive is designed to stick aggressively to most surfaces, but is specially formulated to remove cleanly for up to a year. It’s also forgiving in the event you touch the adhesive to itself--it will separate cleanly and the adhesive stays anchored to the vinyl. The 90# tight release liner provides excellent stability for processing using solvent, latex and UV curable digital inks common to wide format digital printing systems.

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