• ColorPrint Easy is hands down the easiest weeding print and cut material ever.
• Simply print and cut your design, weed the excess with ease, and mask.
• ColorPrint Easy doesn't even require a squeegee. Simply lay your design onto the mask, and swipe firmly with the palm of your hand to adhere.
• ColorPrint™ Easy applies at only 300° F, which gives you the ability to apply to special materials that require a lower application temperature.
• SPECIFICATIONS: PU composition; Polyester Backing; White Base; Semi-gloss finish; 80 Microns/3.1 Mils; 45°/60° blade.
• Can be layered.
• Recommended for use in Eco-Solvent and Solvent based Printer/Cutters.
• HEAT APPLICATION Time: 15 Seconds; Preheat: 2-3 Seconds; Temperature: 320° F/160° C; Pressure: Medium; Peel: Warm.