1.00"X55YARDS ORABOND® 1397TM Double-sided Adhesive Tape

Applications PVC extrusions, furniture trims, splicing for high temperature operations, splicing of difficult materials, lamination of automotive mirrors.

Thickness Without Liner 8.5 mil

Adhesive AM2 (modified solvent acrylic)

Carrier 0.5 mil PET

Release Liner ORAFOL branded liner

Adhesive 180° Peel (FINAT TM 1) After 20 min: 110 oz/in After 24 hr: 128 oz/in

Shear Strength (22 lb/in) (FINAT TM 1) > 400 hr at 73°F>6 hr at 158°F

Temperature Resistance (°F) -40 to +320

Available Lengths 55-yards